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A day in the hills of Goriano Sicoli with Mirko & Andrea hunting for truffles.

Welcome to the home of Sir Truff, lets travel to Italy and meet the boys who work with the Gorianese truffle network to make sure we are getting only the best hand selected truffles for our products. 

Enjoy a day of hunting for tubers and then have a beautiful meal with your foraged treasures.

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Hiking & Saffron Trekking w/ Hercules...ya I said Hercules.

Pictured here is the Zaccagnini vineyard in Abruzzo, I'm sure we will make it there along our journey. Wine, alway wine in Abruzzo. 

Hercules will take you into the Majella mountain range looking for herbs, spices and other wild edible treats.  

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Dinner at Dimora dell'Arte

Come with us and visit the home of our Cantinarte Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil. 

Francesca and her family have a olive oil museum and yes they even make beautiful wine. This is a tour not to be missed. 

You can find out more by clicking here.

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Beautiful Sunsets

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Europe's Biggest protected greenspace

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Amazing Breakfast

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